It's your turn! Submit your own lyrics, recordings and videos.

It’s your turn! Submit your own lyrics, recordings to the MCTT Music Project.

Claire is available for classroom visits and speaking engagements. Get in touch by going to the Contact page and read recommendations written by other educators.

Current Events

My Country Tis of Thee Music Project

Celebrating the history of Civil Rights through music and writing | Summer 2014

  • Listen to recordings of the EWU and Spokane Children’s Choir
  • Submit your own lyrics and performances to the MCTT Music Project – Let Freedom Ring!

In Fall 2014 , a new Lyrics Contest will kick off for elementary school classrooms.


Past School Visits

  • Thorp School – Children of the Gold Rush presentation and library book signing

Thorp, Washington – Daily Record News Article

  • Sunnyside Elementary – 4th Grade Presentation: Children of the Gold Rush

Sunnyside, Washington – Daily Sun news article

  • Denali Elementary – September 14th, 2013

Fairbanks, Alaska

Thorp School Visit, February 2014. Photo from Daily Record.

Thorp School Visit, February 2014. Photo from Daily Record.

Past Conference Events

  • ALA Conference 2014 – Presenting “My Country Tis of Thee” at the annual American Library Association conference.
  • National NCTE November 16, 2012 Las Vegas

 USING PICTURE BOOKS AT HIGHER LEVELS – Picture books don’t have to be relegated to elementary school—there are many great titles that can add accessibility and diversity to your middle school and high school lesson plans. In this panel, authors, teachers, and literacy advocates will teach you how to incorporate picture books into an upper level curriculum.

  • “Conversations with Authors” series: Participant and book signing event. 



Claire Rudolf Murphy photo 1.jpgClaire Rudolf Murphy
Author of Marching with Susan: Susan B. Anthony and the Fight for Women’s Suffrage
It’s 1896 and Bessie can’t go hiking with her brothers. When Susan B. Anthony comes to California, Bessie discovers that girls and women aren’t allowed to do many things.