Please read about my presentations below and visit my Schedule a Presentation page to read about scheduling and planning for a presentation. A color brochure with information about my presentations and books is also available. I will be happy to mail a brochure to you upon request. 

I enjoy presenting to students, teachers, librarians, parents, and writers of any age and look forward to the possibility of visiting your school, library, or conference sometime soon. Since my books cover a wide range of reading levels, I can tailor my presentations to the interests of students, grades K-12. I also enjoy giving workshops for teachers, librarians, parents, and college students. Additional school visit information packet is available upon request. “Collaboration with writers of any age can be very powerful. What we professional writers do is what student writers can do, too – discover our voices, write about what we care about, share our writing, and work on revision.” Daily program includes four sessions (30-90 minutes each, as best suits age of the students)

  • willing to split day between two schools or libraries
  • half-day visit (if schedule allows)
  • single presentations
  • contact me about scheduling, and which presentation(s) will suit your group.

Meet the Author Slide Show

  • Introduction to my books
  • Childhood reader to adult writer
  • Claire’s writing process with examples of edited manuscripts
  • Question and answer period

Special Topic Sessions

  • My Country Tis of Thee: introduction to civil rights history through verses to this song. Includes student activity to write a new verse for a cause they believe in.(Got to the Book Page)
  • Votes for All Americans: Activities that showcase winning the right to vote for women and people of color
  • Life in the Northland
  • Gold Rush Songs and Stories
  • Sacajawea and York: Life on the trail with Lewis and Clark
  • Native American Cultures
  • Alcatraz Kids: Powerpoint presentation about the history of the American West through the eyes of children who lived on the “Rock” 1854-1971
  • Evolution of a Novel
  • Writing Nonfiction – Research, ‘Riting, and Revision


  • Let’s Get Writing! Featuring activities in fiction, nonfiction, and poetry
  • Where Do We Go From Here? Activities in peer response and revision
  • Not Just for Kids – Writing workshops for teachers, librarians, parents, and writers interested in writing for children and young adults
  • Writing About History – grades 3 and up, this workshop introduces ways to use historical information to write poetry, stories, plays and journal entries.
  • Writing Sacred Stories: Workshop for writers grades 4 – adult,  exploring the stories behind the holy men and women of Scripture