It's your turn! Submit your own lyrics, recordings and videos.

It’s your turn! Submit your own lyrics, recordings and videos

It’s your turn! Submit your own lyrics, recordings and videos for a cause you believe in.

The My Country Tis of Thee Music Project (MCTT for short) invites students, choirs, classes and clubs to submit new lyrics and performance recordings to the tune of ‘My Country Tis of Thee,’ also known by the song title ‘America.’

Winning submissions will be featured on Claire Rudolf Murphy’s Facebook page, website and YouTube channel. Twitter users can tag their work with #MCTT. Your class or organization may also win a copy of the book or a poster featuring Aretha Franklin.

The Spokane Area Youth Choir and the Eastern Washington University Choir kicked off the project by recording their performances of the lyrics from the book. Listen to their recordings at the MCTT Music Project page.

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About the Book


Write Your Own Lyrics

What current issues are important to you? There are many current events that could inspire new lyrics to the song – human rights, gender equality, animal rights . . .

Submission Guidelines

All submissions may be posted on Claire Rudolf Murphy’s Facebook page – Post lyrics or submit links to audio and video performances from hosting sites such as YouTube. Alternatively, you can submit lyrics and recording by using the contact form below.

The MCTT Music Project values liberty and freedom of expression. This is also a safe space for people of all ages and backgrounds to participate. Submissions must not be vulgar or violent in nature. The moderators of the Music Project will use their best judgment in determining if a particular submission should not be presented on our pages. By submitting your content to the MCTT Music Project, you authorize Claire Rudolf Murphy to reprint and distribute your work (with attribution, of course).